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I liked the boss fight it was a great idea! The puzzles we also really fun!


Thanks, fella :) Cheers!

I thought this game was likeable, overall. The first level is much more complex than I would've preferred.

The biggest problem I have with the game is that it imposes a generic profile on my controller, which can't be disabled, and therefore, I can't create my own profile, using a profiler.

This is a pico 8 thing, the controller and keys are standard, not much I can do about it. I wish they were customizable too, but oh well

Yeah, it's frustrating. I use tools that have these impositions too.


When I first found this game, I wasn't too sure what to expect and thought that I was just going to be playing through a regular platformer; let me start off by saying that I was pleasantly wrong

While yes, this game is a platformer at heart, it uses something that I don't think I've seen other platforming games utilize as a mechanic: colors. Mixing, matching, and subtracting colors to create platformers that allow you to progress was great, but adding the wrap around screen feature gave this game a bunch of depth. Taking advantage of the color mechanic, this game doesn't shy away from the platforming as well, giving you an extremely precise (almost pixel perfect) section at the end that whets your appetite for more.

The only gripe that I ran into this game (that I later found out was more of a half gripe) is that, while the player is given a quick background explaining the color combos, you can easily pass by this background and not really notice it in your playthrough. If this were a simple platformer were you learn by doing, I'd say that's fine, but with something as surprisingly deep as what they pulled off in this game, it'd be great to see the player being forced to pass through a separate room that contains this background so that it's more noticeable

All in all, I'd definitely recommend playing this game if you're a fan of platformers or just want a fresh experience! 

My playthrough here:

can you release a .p8 of the game?

It's already on the BBS:


congrats on being the 5th million post


That boss fight is crazy.  I really like the color mixing aspect.  It requires backtracking to figure out how to collect everything.  Really enjoyable.

Thank you!


very nice game

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I did a speedrun, I have now found you can skip the fourth coin but it's really tight. The third may also be possible, The second one I got by mistake :P

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing! I didn't intend to make avoiding coins a speedrun strat but it ended up working like that :D


I finally beat a boss noice

I was lost at level 1, I have no idea what imdoing, i just anna fight the boss :(


You only touch things that have a color in common with you. For example, if you are yellow: yellow is made of green and red, so you touch all colors except for blue. If you are red, you touch red, yellow, purple and white, and so on. This is important in the boss fight too, so if you can't get through the level, the boss won't be much fun either...

If you just want an old fashioned boss battle, I recommend playing my other game Frost Heart instead :)


I love the game and his confusing mecanic is cute and the best part is the boss fight oh my god this is one of my favourite games of this site 


I want part 2 lol 


Thanks haha :)


This Game is amazing. It's quite confusing but It's really good. I hope you make more levels so the game is longer.

Yeah it's too much stuff going on for a first level. I'll add simpler levels with less colors before this one in the final version.


I'm not a video game designer but I understand perfectly how confusing was programing this game. Good luck designing the levels! (Sorry for my bad english, but that's because I originally talk spanish)

A very fun idea that really forces you to think to progress. I hope you flesh this out into a longer game!

Thank you. It will happen eventually :)

Amazing, I absolutely love your colour system!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Great game! Feels a little unfinished though. It's also kinda easy, but that's not really a problem. I got a score of 45 on my first try.

It feels unfinished because I made it in 2 days for Ludum Dare :)

I'll make a post-jam version at some point.