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this game is addicting

nice work

Thanks ❤️

BTW, Is there any hidden ending?

In a future version getting 100% will reveal the ending art. There are also a secret boss and a new game mode coming.

In this version you can finish the game a second time to fight stronger enemies and get all the items, but the ending is the same :)

your art style  and menu look really like Mush's dungeon solitaire from GMTK      game  jam 2019

I haven't played his game, but it probably has to do with both being made in pico 8, so both have the same palette and resolution.

same bug as in bbs - I keep getting a swiping black screen :/

I'm stupid haha... Just replied you in BBS, now I realised that the save file has no information to start the game when you run it for the fist time. Just click "clear data" to make a new save file and it should work! Will fix this ASAP! Thanks again!

I love it, but the mouse freezes in the top left in fullscreen mode. other than that good game!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, never noticed that. Apparently this is a pico-8 bug that has been fixed in the new version, luckily. I will release a new version of the game very soon with a lot of new stuff, so the fullscreen issue will be fixed too!

Great game, the game play is fun and easy to understand, good job !

Hey! Thanks for playing! Glad you liked!


Awesome! love the classic feel and art style!

Thank you!


Love it!!! <3 :) Awesome work!!! ;)

Thank you! :D

Hi, i have this error -->

Weird, I never had this bug... I tried to replicate it but found nothing... Looks like it's early in the game. From the image it looks like you used 2♠ to buff your character and then clicked the play button. Do you have any other detail? I'll try to look more into it.

I think I stopped selecting a card and hit play. I don't remember well...

I can't replicate it again :(


Good. hahaha ;D

Anyways thanks for telling, I'll try to find it still!

ok xD