Jack of Spades is a mix between card game and RPG. 

Control with just the mouse! Click the cards to select them and then click on the characters to set the target. Move around the map clicking on wherever you want to go.

Once you get items you can equip them by clicking the icon under the character in the character selection screen.

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I will release an extended version of the game with the CHALLENGE MODE soon (new characters, cards and items):


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this game is addicting

nice work

Thanks ❤️

BTW, Is there any hidden ending?

In a future version getting 100% will reveal the ending art. There are also a secret boss and a new game mode coming.

In this version you can finish the game a second time to fight stronger enemies and get all the items, but the ending is the same :)

your art style  and menu look really like Mush's dungeon solitaire from GMTK      game  jam 2019

I haven't played his game, but it probably has to do with both being made in pico 8, so both have the same palette and resolution.

same bug as in bbs - I keep getting a swiping black screen :/

I'm stupid haha... Just replied you in BBS, now I realised that the save file has no information to start the game when you run it for the fist time. Just click "clear data" to make a new save file and it should work! Will fix this ASAP! Thanks again!

I love it, but the mouse freezes in the top left in fullscreen mode. other than that good game!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, never noticed that. Apparently this is a pico-8 bug that has been fixed in the new version, luckily. I will release a new version of the game very soon with a lot of new stuff, so the fullscreen issue will be fixed too!

Great game, the game play is fun and easy to understand, good job !

Hey! Thanks for playing! Glad you liked!


Awesome! love the classic feel and art style!

Thank you!


Love it!!! <3 :) Awesome work!!! ;)

Thank you! :D

Hi, i have this error -->

Weird, I never had this bug... I tried to replicate it but found nothing... Looks like it's early in the game. From the image it looks like you used 2♠ to buff your character and then clicked the play button. Do you have any other detail? I'll try to look more into it.

I think I stopped selecting a card and hit play. I don't remember well...

I can't replicate it again :(


Good. hahaha ;D

Anyways thanks for telling, I'll try to find it still!

ok xD