1. Defeat enemies or catch them to turn them back into presents
  2. Collect cookies to restore your health
  3. Try to reach the end with all the presents in the wishlist


  • Use a controller or a keyboard
  • UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT to move
  • X or V or M to interact
  • Z or C or N to cancel


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withPICO-8
TagsChristmas, Cute, Music, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Turn-based


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Hey, I’ve been trying various RPG engines recently and it turns out making your own is not a bad solution… but I like how you took this opportunity to add dexterity/timing challenges! (although once you get used to it, it simply becomes part of the UI)

I really missed two things in the UI:

  1. A cancel button (to skip turn and during dexterity challenge to cancel attack, since the deer is very likely to kill an opponent already in the red zone).

  2. A tooltip showing the name of the hovered item when you need to drop one to pick another. I wasn’t sure what the slime was and so which item I could drop.

But for a 2-week effort, it’s great! The graphics are nice too, I didn’t look at the details but it seems you’re working with alternative colors but not at the same time as the base colors? (that means the total number of colors on screen is still 16 or less)

Yeah, I'll probably add a "skip" option in a future version. Item tooltips too. The game was pretty rushed in just 2 weeks so it lacks some polish.

The game uses 16 colors, but the greens and red are from the alternate palette.

Ah, I was thinking it’d be something like that for the colors.

Good luck if you go on improving it! (but no pressure, I know how working on past jam games can easily get in competition with the other, bigger projects)

Yeah, I'm thinking of finishing it for next Christmas. Going back for Sonic 2.5 right now to get something cool done for SAGE


Aha, this time I’m uploading my entry too!


Hey, this is amazing!
Do you plan to release the pico8 cartridge version?

Yes, I want to update the game at some point, and at that time release the cart on the BBS too.

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Imagine Santa fighting objects with a buff reindeer and a snowman

Fun game dude


Hahaha thanks :)

Very good use of the colors - Bonevolt touch :]

Good game mechanics, tbh one of your most approachable game - hope to se some expansion (likely with another universe)

Yup, I'm trying to make my games more accessible, glad you noticed :P

Another universe? 🤔


This was so much fun!!! Incredible work :)




very fun but we cant use items also you should make it so that your charecters level up over all very fun 5 stars for you

As I said in the other comments, the game is not finished yet :)

Both of your requests are already planned. They will be added in a few weeks. Thank you very much!


ik the game is realy addicting though very fun i a lso cant wait for the game to be finnished but for now take your time!!!!!

Great game just one small problemo I have no clue how to use items or anything besides attack but beside that fun and enjoyed it a lot.

Items and abilities will be available in a future version. This version was made in 2 weeks for Christmas, so I didn't have time to finish all the features I wanted. I just released what I had ready for the date, and will finish the game in a few weeks. Sorry for not making it clear that those features were not present in the game at this time.

Good game. A fun RPG. Keep it up!

Thank you very much! Loved your gameplay!

Beat it!!!! But I didn't get to the inside fight, loved it either way. amazing work!

The inside area is not in the game yet. That is from a gif I made in 2019 for Christmas and inspired me to make the game for 2020. It will be added in a future version, in a few weeks. Thank you for the kind words!


I can't wait, this'll be so epi


this is really good!



Wow... that was phenomenal. I'm so impressed with the different ways of attacking. I will say other than "attack" I wasn't super clear on how to use other abilities but didn't end up needing them. (that being said I didn't' complete the list)

Critical feedback in no particular order:

  • The walking sound was a tad annoying when I was rechecking different screens and moving quickly
  • When I got to the end of the game... I was kinda miffed that I was pushed back to the start screen rather than being able to keep looking for the things I missed. Overall the end was a bit disappointing, but hey... that means I wanted to keep playing so its good!

Thanks for your feedback!

The game was a bit rushed so it could be released for Christmas. You can't use the other abilities because they're not in the game yet :P

I will adjust the walking sound. I actually changed it a few times but still wasn't 100% happy with it. Leaving it with no sound feels a bit empty, I'll see what I can do :)

Same for the ending, it's all I could do in this short time span. Allowing you to go back could make things confusing for other players too like they don't know if the game actually ended or not. There's not really a perfect solution until I finish the game.

Speaking of finishing the game, if you were left wanting more, come back in a few weeks :)

The characters will have new abilities and Santa will be able to use items in battle, like special attacks, and the game will be longer to accommodate all these new mechanics in a smooth learning curve.

Thanks again!


I totally get all of that. Just throwing feedback your way that I figured you were aware of. Seriously a great game and good work getting it out! cant wait for updates!


Really nice presentation. Enjoyed this. Well done.

Thank you very much! Merry Christmas!

Picking up an unecessary item in the corridor forest, and ending up forced to throw a wishlisted item is so frustrating 😭

Apart from that your game is very cute.

I can imagine the frustration, but that never actually happens 😅

The wishlist always has 8 items and the inventory has 9, so you always have at least 1 slot to spare.

Also, as stated in the "controls" section, you can press "Z" to cancel so you can skip putting the new item in the inventory entirely.

In any case, I understand that it can be a bit confusing. The game was a bit rushed to be ready for Christmas and some details were left out. I'll make things clearer in future versions for sure.

Thanks for the kind words and for your feedback!

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A 4 px tick may help with this to say the item is on the checklist or not.