Fight enemies and dodge hazards to find the exit! 


  • 3 levels
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • 6 weapons
  • Collectibles
  • Time attack mode


  • ↑↓←→ -  Move and Aim
  • Z/C/N - Jump
  • X/V/M - Shoot
  • You can swap X and Z  if you prefer: Pause>Swap Buttons


  • BoneVolt - Graphics, Programming, Sfx
  • Julio Maass - Music, Level Design


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pretty sad what there are just one 3 levels but anyways amazing game :D

I pushed pico8's limitations as hard as I could for this one haha

Glad you enjoyed it :)


This is fantastic all around. Amazing effects, cool weapon/skill and level design pairings, and great music/sfx. Really impressive.


Great game, really great catchy music. Awesome graphics. Great, innovative gameplay. Only thing I'd like is ability to save progress.




Really fun game. Great job!


Great graphics for a Pico-8 game, looks like 16-bits.