Jack of Spades New Worlds!

This is a big update making Jack of Spades 3x bigger in content:

Main features in this update:

  • 2 new worlds to explore! (had 1)
  • Each character can now equip up to 3 items to change his attacks! Ex. Jack of Spades can deals splash damage to all enemies around, Joker can reshuffle your hand with new cards (!), etc;
  • 1 new boss and 1 secret boss!
  • 12 new enemies!
  • Many new visual effects. Battles are much cooler!
  • Every status effect now have visuals so the player can easily see what is affecting each character;
  • Losing a battle takes you back to the map instead of giving you a game over, so you can retry the same battle after a defeat;
  • Save game;
  • The title screen now changes with your progress;
  • New game+ with new blattles and stronger enemies;
  • New game++ will increase enemies attacks and HP;
  • Exe version! You no longer have to play it on browser if you don't want to (runs smoother too)!

Gameplay Reworks:

  • You can now heal defeated allies (revives them);
  • Confused enemies with no allies will skip their attacks (50% chance);
  • Only characters participating in battle will level up (instead of all characters);
  • Changed World 1 layout a little;
  • Swapped order of cards ♠2, ♠3 and ♠4;

Card reworks:

  • Wind Blast and Vacuum now affect all enemies. Damage reduced from 6 to 4 on both cards;
  • Static Power now affects 3 lines instead of all enemies;
  • Multi Plant damage reduced by 1. Damages neighbors (50% damage);
  • Quake reworked now it deals 3 damage for each neighboring unit;
  • Prow wind remade into Anti-Magic Wind (removes buffs and debuffs);
  • Flood is now affected by magic defense;
  • Sleeping seed now poisons enemies;
  • Muncher now has lifesteal;

Card Rebalances:

  • Ultra Blade damage increased to 6;
  • FireBomb damage increased to 7;
  • Wind Shot damage increased to 9;
  • Overwhelm damage reduction increased to 4;
  • Shock damage increased to 6;
  • Fissure damage increased to 8;
  • Boulder damage increased to 10;
  • Thunder damage increased to 15;
  • Metal Blade damage increased to 12;
  • Flood value increased to 15;

Battle Readability (making it easier to see everything thats happening in the battle):

  • When enemies don't have an available target they will look around;
  • When highlighting a character, all characters HP values are shown in numbers;
  • Text descriptions in battle moved to the bottom of the screen to prevent it from obstructing characters (Play and Cancel button move slghtly up);
  • Healing floating text values are now printed as ♥X instead of a negative number;
  • Added a board to the battle scene to make it more clear which tiles characters can stand on;
  • Camera pans around the battle field at the beggining of the battle to show the board;
  • Barriers have different sizes (outer barrier has priority when attacked);
  • Damage text will always pop up inside the screen;
  • Damage text now flinches to make it more visible;
  • Moved cards down slightly (so you can click on the lower tiles);
  • Character selection now shows character level (so it's easier to know which cards can be used);
  • Character's description now shows their current attack and armor instead of the base values;
  • Player's characters have a different sprite to show they were defeated;
  • Soul Blade now has a dmg preview on the description;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused wind blast to shoot twice if there's no enemy on the main line;
  • Heal can no longer be reflected (Electrify/Static Cactus);
  • Fixed Static Cactus damage reflection and Sleeping Seed's sleep only lasting 4 turns (lasts indefinetly now);
  • Fixed bug if a line type spell is used with no available targets;
  • Fixed summoning on occupied tiles;
  • Fixed using ground targeting spells on the same click as selecting them;
  • Fixed AoE targets not updating if a unit is killed/summoned on the same turn;

Next update will have a tutorial for begginers and a new game mode!


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Jul 18, 2019
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Jul 18, 2019

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