Jack of Spades - Story and Tutorial

Hello, and welcome to my devlog!

Jack of Spades is getting closer to it's final release! The story is complete, so join the party of card heroes and discover what who is behind the monster invasion in the card world!

This update is the last one in terms of gameplay mostly, I still will update some stuff on new game+ and the end screen is not finished in this version, unfortunately.

I will release an extended version of the game with the CHALLENGE MODE very soon! Join the discord server to play the beta: https://discord.gg/yk4kFuP

CHALLENGE MODE sneak peek:

Challenge Mode

Main features:

  • Cutscenes between each world! Bring popcorn!


  • New tutorial! The tutorial makes this the best time for new players to join the adventure! The tutorial guy is a bit mean...? I tried to convince him to be nicer, but he just doesn't like his job.
  • More dialog in each world. Buy more popcorn!
  • The end screen now show your completion percentage. You can only get 100% with new game+, so don't worry about it on the first run!

Balance - Cards:

  • ♠1 - Silver Sharp is even sharper! Attack buff increased from 2 to 3, duration increased from 4 to 8.
  • ♠4 - Empower: attack buff increased from 1 to 2. Empowerer!
  • ♠9 - Ultra Blade: damage increased from 6 to 7. Time to show those Rooks who's boss!
  • ♠10 - Super Armor: armor buff increased from 1 to 2. 1+ armor wasn't super enough... How about 2?! OP!
  • ♠Q - Ultra Fire is hotter! Damage increased from 6 to 7.
  • ♠K - Ultra Armor: Duration increased from 2 to 4. It also makes your abs ripped.
  • ♥4 - Corrosion: Armor reduction increased from 2 to 3. Make them melt!
  • ♥6 - Barrier: Value increased from 8 to 12. Can't touch me.
  • ♥8 - Rust: Duration increased from 4 to 6. Make them all melt!
  • ♥Q - Super Barrier: Value increased from 6 to 9. Still can't touch me.
  • ♦10 - Fear: Attack reduction increased from 1 to 2. King of Diamonds removed his makeup.
  • ♦J - Static: Damage increased from 15 to 20. Now this is some damage!
  • ♦Q - Quake: Damage increased from 3 to 5. Shaking even harder.
  • ♣3 - Wind Shot: Pull increased from 1 to 2. May mess up your hair.
  • ♣5 - Anti-Magic Wind: Now deals 5 dmg if used on enemies. Who's useless now?!
  • ♣7 - Mind Freeze: Duration increased from 3 to 6. Still don't understand this one... Does it freeze your brains?

Balance - Items:

  • ♠ - Heat Blade now gives att+4 (was 2)
  • ♥ - Pocket Ocean armor reduction increased from 1 to 2
  • ♦ - Grand King's Crown damage reduction increased from 2 to 3
  • ♦ - Sparkling Mantle now gives att+2
  • ♣ - Perpetual Wind now removes buffs instead of pulling enemies when striking a critical attack. Now gives att+2 (was 3)
  • ♣ - Winter Star now gives att+1
  • ☺ - Ultra Glove now gives att+4
  • ☺ - Chaos Scepter can shuffle cards twice per turn instead of 5 times per battle
  • Reduced number of items per chest to 1... Economic crisis can hit games too!? You can get all items on new game+
  • Items are automatically equipped once picked up. No excuses to skip them now!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Soul Blade and Flood Bubble not being amplified (by negative armor/heartbreaker) when their value is 0. Remember that one battle you lost because of this? Me neither.
  • Fixed King of Diamonds losing 1 armor when equipping Grand King's Crown or Sparkling Mantle

Visual Changes:

  • Queen of Hearts sprites slightly improved. *Queen blushes*
  • Added some patches of grass on world 1. The gardener is getting lazy...
  • Cactus sprite changed. His spikes are spikier.
  • Spark/Static sprite changed. It was a placeholder all along!
  • Attack aura (Knights/Black Pearl) now has a visual indicator.
  • World 2 is darker, using the new pico-8 palette.
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